Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bridal Boudoir Photography

Often a Bride wonders what would be a romantic gift she could give to her future husband that would say just how much she loves him. Bridal boudoir and glamour photography is one of the latest trends.

The bridal boudoir photography trend is a very popular wedding day gift for the groom from his future bride. The photos typically themed towards the wedding, using white lace and white lingerie, the veil and even sometimes the wedding dress. It’s all about looking sexy while still remaining demure. In other words, it’s what you don’t show that makes that shot sexy.

Now you may actually be nude for some of the photographs if you are comfortable, but the photographs will not flaunt your body. Instead you will be tastefully posed to create the magically sexy look that will drive him wild. A good boudoir photographer will make sure that in the final photographs that you only show what you want and nothing more.

Ideally you should schedule your shoot about 6 weeks prior to your wedding. This will allow you plenty of time to go through your proofs and have the gift created. Most brides at my studio choose one of the “Our Little Secret” books. These take time to retouch and print, but the end result is a gift he will treasure.

Is retouching boudoir photographs important? While good lighting and posing are key to a great boudoir or glamour photograph, retouching takes it to the next level. The beauty and glamour you see in magazines is retouched, and you want your photographs to look just as good. And they will when you use professional who provides quality retouching. A talented retouch artist will remove the minor flaws, tweak you here or there and create a look that doesn’t look plastic, but does look amazing. Models don’t have flawless skin, but they do in the magazines. You too can have that look. I always discuss retouching with my client to provide just the amount they want.

Where should I have my bridal boudoir photographed? The studio, your home or better yet – a first class hotel suite. Each has its benefits. Discuss with your photographer which location will fit the look you want to create. A professional boudoir photographer knows how to take advantage of any location to create beautiful images.

Who should I use for my bridal boudoir and glamour pictures? Choose a photographer with lots of experience shooting boudoir. Creating that sexy look is very different from creating a beautiful bridal portrait. The relationship between the photographer and the bride are on another level. I recommend not using your wedding photographer. I personally will not shoot the wedding of a bride that I shoot boudoir photographs. It allows the special connection needed for great boudoir to be established. Weddings require a another type of relationship to get the best photographs.

So brides, put a smile on your future husbands face. Give him a gift that shows him how you are his fantasy girl – because you really are the girl of his dreams. Book your bridal and boudoir session today.

I service the Phoenix area including, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Anthem, Apache Junction, Paradise Valley, Peoria and the rest of the valley.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why Boudoir and Glamour Photography?

Sensual and sexy is how people think of the boudoir style of photography. Others refer to it as glamour photography, where the photographer’s goal is to make the model look better than their best. It is not about having the perfect body, the most beautiful face, or being tall, thin and gorgeous. What a boudoir photographer does is brings out the glamour that is in every women.

So why doesn’t every one get some boudoir photos done? Most women want to feel attractive and sexy, even if they don’t admit it. Sometimes they are shy, some just don’t feel confident. But more and more are realizing that a skilled photographer will be able to create the beautiful photographs that they want. And as others tell their friends, and they see how amazing real women do look when they have their boudoir photo shoot, they too realized that they should do it.

Boudoir photography is not about being cheap or sleazy. It is not about making images that you might find in the adult entertainment industry. It is about glamour and fantasy. It’s about bringing out that special beauty a women usually reserves for her lover in a series of photographs. The photographer captures what her lover has always seen in their heart.

Who goes to a boudoir photographer? You’d be surprised. All types of women, normal women - girlfriends, wives, mothers and even grandmothers. Usually they go for a specific reason such as a gift or to remember a major life event. But sometimes they go just to see what all the fuss is about.

One of the most common groups that get boudoir and glamour photographs made are women who have just had cosmetic surgery. What a great way to show off those changes. The surgical changes they have done often give that extra little bit of confidence needed to feel comfortable going to a boudoir photographer.

A successful diet is another occasion that is often celebrated with some boudoir photographs. After the long hard work it has taken to make those changes in weight, boudoir and glamour photographs make the perfect reward. It is a chance to show their new bodies and document their success in a very sexy way.

A great sexy gift is boudoir photography. Women give their lovers the photographs as a way to do something romantic and often unexpected. Very often it puts a little more spark into the relationship when it is unexpected. Sometimes the lover will give the session to the women to show them they believe they are sexy and beautiful.

Brides love the idea of giving a selection of boudoir photos to their future husband as a wedding gift. And grooms love to get them. They know their brides are beautiful and sexy women. When we know we are shooting a bridal boudoir shoot we often will have the bride bring her dress and/or veil to really bring the theme into the shoot.

Pregnancy is another event that is celebrated with boudoir photography. Sometimes a woman finds you is pregnant and wants to capture her look before she becomes a mother. Others are waiting until much further in the pregnancy and highlighting the beauty that pregnancy brings to a woman.

Major birthdays are also celebrated with boudoir photo sessions. 30th, 40th and yes 50th birthday are all occasions to reward yourself with some glamorous photographs. There is a special sexiness that comes with each of these milestones. Your photographer knows just how to capture the beauty of any age.

So get out there and find a boudoir and glamour photographer and see just how beautiful you really are.

Orcatek Boudoir and Glamour Photography - Phoenix, Arizona

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boudoir and Glamour Photography - Working with the Photographer

Boudoir photography is much more that taking pictures of scantily clad women. There is an art to posing and lighting a women to hi-light her beauty, hide any flaws and remain tasteful and not cross the line into adult entertainment. Boudoir photographs are often revealing, but nudity is not a requirement for the glamorous and sensual look that is desired. So when you work with your photographer some things to expect.

  • The photographer will not watch you change outfits.

  • The photographer will not "grope" you or handle you in any way.

  • Your limits as to what you feel comfortable in a pose will be respected.

  • Fine details of your pose will be watched, and you will get told "You need to move a tiny bit." Often to cover parts you want hidden.

  • You may feel nervous at the start, but you should quickly develop a trust and comfort level.

  • The photographer will provide plenty of feedback during the shoot on how to improve and where you do something great.

Doesn't boudoir mean bedroom, so should the photographs be done there? Yes, a women's boudoir originally was her bedroom, but today boudoir and glamour photography as expanded to include just about any location. The key is posing, lighting and mood captured by the photographer. I've done boudoir in kitchens, pools, deserts, mountains, garages, bars, barns and empty rooms to name a few. All these locations created amazing, sexy photographs through the use of my skills as an artist.

I think I would prefer a woman to photograph me so I would feel more comfortable, is that OK? There are many talented female photographers out there, but I believe a male photographer is a better choice for boudoir. A man looks a woman just a little bit different, and so a male photographer is better able to capture that feeling. He understands what men find attractive, as he is one. And the sexual tension that can come from being sexy in front of a strange man can also add the special something to the images. The look in your eyes will be different when looking at man instead of a woman, and that look can make an image amazing. But if a male photographer would make you too uncomfortable, find one of the many talented women.

I'm not a 20 year old supermodel, will I still look good? A good boudoir photographer will make you look very sexy and desirable. He knows just how to pose and light you to accent your beauty. Most of the women I shoot for boudoir are everyday women you might pass in the mall, in their 30's and 40's with a few kids. They often come into the shoot worried about how they compare, and leave knowing that real women are beautiful and sexy. I often hear from my clients, "It's amazing what you do with lights and posing, even without retouching I look so good."

I don't think I can be alone with the photographer and feel safe, what should I do? Trust is an important issue. Many of my clients bring a girlfriend to the photo session. They sit behind the privacy screen during the shoot, but are there to help with clothing changes and to provide a comfort factor. It is understandable that you would be nervous, and a professional would not be offended if you want to bring a friend.

I want to pose with my lover, is that still boudoir? Yes, it can still be boudoir. I have shot both male/female and female/female couples for boudoir sessions. Careful posing needs to be followed to keep the images sexy and sensual and not adult entertainment. Showing the love and passion that a couple shares between themselves can create some beautiful images.

Trust in your photographer's skill, will allow you to realize that you too can be sexy like those images you've seen. By working with a talented professional you can be confident that your trust in this photographer will provide you with the photographs you have imagined, and hopefully exceed your desires

Orcatek Boudoir Photography - Phoenix, Arizona

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Boudoir and Glamour Photography - Be Careful

Boudoir photography is becoming very popular these days. It seems everyone is wants to have or wants to take boudoir photographs. Tasteful nudes have always been part of art as can be seen in classic sculpture and paintings. But what makes boudoir images artful and not trashy is the talent of a professional photographer.

Women will find that it is easy to find men who are willing to photograph them nude. We all seen the cliche photographer who is just after models. In the industry there are what are known as GWC's - Guy's with Cameras. Men who have a hobby of taking pictures of girls for their own personal pleasure, lack any real understanding of lighting, posing, composition or often even how really use their cameras.

So how does one find professional and not a GWC?

  • A professional will have business license for starters - they pay sales tax. Many will be incorporated or LLC companies.

  • They tend to belong to professional organizations such as PPA (Professional Photographers of America), WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers), NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals), EP (Editorial Photographers) to name a few.

  • The have quality sample work, both on their website and in print.

  • They have relationships with other professionals such as make-up artists and hair stylists.

  • They often have a physical studio.

  • They have business checks with a business name on them, although many photographers shoot under their names.
    Professionals accept credit cards.

  • GWC's will tell you that you have to come alone as a second person is a distraction and ruins the mood, etc.

But what if the photographer doesn't have a studio, is that a red flag? That would be a caution, but not a red flag. Many professionals work out of home studios or on location. This is especially true for wedding photographers, but does apply to other areas too. A studio is a huge overhead and so much work is done on location today, that not having a studio does not label a photographer a GWC. So if there is no studio, just make sure you do your homework, which is the reason for this blog entry. I have a studio, but 80% of my business is shot outside the studio. This is why I share my studio with several other photographers.

When you contact them how do they respond. Are their responses professional? How do they answer the phone, do they give the company name? Request a meeting with the photographer. Do they give you a bad vibe? Do they show other samples that are of the quality you expect? Is it a professional presentation or just a handful of photos?

The photographer gave me a really nice business card, so he's a professional right? Sad to say, but for less than $20 you can order a few hundred business cards, with whatever you want printed on them. A business card is probably the biggest scam to proving you are in business there is today.

What about a website, does that make them a pro? Once again, for a few dollars you can set-up a website. And nobody checks what is on a website, so they can say whatever they want. In fact some GWC's actually steal photos from others to make them look better than they are. A good website is a good sign, but it doesn't mean that you are getting a professional.

So in summary I strongly recommend you do your research when choosing a boudoir photographer, or any photographer. Using professional photographers will get you the type of quality images you deserve.

Next week I will talk more about your shoot and how it should proceed, and what makes a great boudoir image.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Boudoir and Fashion - Sex Sells

Boudoir and Glamour Photographers can often look towards fashion to create beautiful and sexy photographs. Men's magazines are not the only place to find inspiration. As we all know, sex sells, and that exactly why you can find so many ideas for boudoir photography in fashion magazines. A fashion ad will often be very sexy, but never push into the realm of men's magazine look.

And don't only look at lingerie ads. Sure Victoria’s Secret is full of sexy shots, but that is does not make it the only source. Almost everything in fashion is sold with sex at sometime. Take this example photo. It could be used to sell sunglasses. It also makes a great boudoir photo for clients who want something a little different than the typical glamour shot.

Perfume, make-up, hair products are all great places to look for inspiration. It's not about cloning these ads, but developing a new way to shoot sexy boudoir photographs. The photographer should note how lights are used to set moods, hands are positioned and how the body is concealed and revealed at the same time. Train yourself to see the glamour in these ads. Think about how to apply this style to your boudoir shots.

If you want to continue to shoot the same old boudoir and glamour photographs, keep looking at men’s magazines, but if you really want to take your work to the next level take a look at the latest in fashion.