Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Girls Come to Town

This week was an extra fun week in the studio. A group of three wonderful women came to town for boudoir / glamour sessions. They were a referral from a prior client whose book that had seen and decided they all wanted to do one too. They liked how sexy yet classy the photographs looked.

The group had scheduled several weeks ago so I was able to find a time where they could all shoot on the same day. Groups like this are especially fun for everyone as they help each other with changes of outfits and encourage one another with their comments. The fun of doing the photo shoot with friends creates a party atmosphere.

The decision on who should go first is always an interesting group dynamic. This time the decision was easy as Beth was ready first. I always start by doing my “warm-up” set on the first outfit. It is a quick set to see how the woman responds in front of the camera and to let her begin to develop her comfort level. The set runs through some standing, sitting and laying poses and allows me to quickly show them how good they look.

Beth was a bit nervous at first, but after about 5 minutes Jessica was ready and began to watch and encourage her with comments on how sexy she was looking. A few minutes later Sharon was ready too. The two of them continued rooting Beth on through the warm-up. I then did Jessica’s and Beth’s warm-ups too.

The ladies were all now really getting into the grove as we progressed onto their next outfits. This time Sharon went first. As the others finished getting ready they came to watch and would often comment on how they wanted a shot just like the one I just shot. As their turns came up I made sure to get those shots they had requested.

Each girl typically gets a set of similar poses, but not the same as I like to work with the flow as I shoot each woman. I see how she moves and what looks best for her body type and adjust as needed to bring out the very best. I never want my boudoir photography to become boring or formula. Each shoot needs to be different to bring out the special something that makes each woman unique.

This group had two who wanted to do some nudes, whereas Sharon had said she didn’t think she wanted any. I prefer to shoot my nudes low-key and in black and white, but depending on the mood of the shoot will stray away from B&W and the low-key set. Today it ended up being a mix of set-ups as we moved between the different sets in the studio. Jessica saw the implied nudes which most of my nudes actually are and decided since she was actually covered in the photograph she wanted some too because they looked so sexy.

Jessica ended up being the star of the nude session. Once she started to see some of the images she really got into the mood and did an amazing job. Something just switched on and she became so relaxed and her photographs showed her new confidence.

We continued the day through various outfits and sets. Each one of them ended up with a wide variety of looks to choose from for their books. There are going to be a lot of very happy men next month when they get their books.

Orcatek Boudoir Photography - Phoenix

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