Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weddings After Dark

This week I had the pleasure of photographing Candice and Daniel's wedding. It was a beautiful event and the couple is obviously very much in love. Their wedding started just a few minutes before sunset creating some challenges and oppoturnities for creating images.

The ceramony was short, which allowed it to complete before it light got too dim. With a little flash and proper camera settings it was possible to capture everything.

As we rounded everyone up the sun set and filled the sky with color. It also got very dark very fast. I could even see to pose and had to trust my camera to focus with the assist beam. Checking the LCD during the shoot allowed me to verify that it was working as expected.

Between the bonfires and decorative lighting there were plenty of opportunities to create some great images. I always like it when a wedding gives me something new to work with.

Orcatek Photography - Phoenix, Arizona

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