Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Environmental and Lifestyle Portraits

When choosing to get a portrait, there are many different styles to choose from. Environmental is a popular choice for higher end customers. An environmental portrait is also referred to as a lifestyle portrait. These portraits differ from the classic studio portrait as they show the real person, in the real world.

For example a family who loves boating might be photographed on their boat. The location for the photograph is chosen as it is one that reflects the people in it. It might be as simple as sitting around a kitchen to something as unique as skydiving. The important element is the people are place in a location that others would expect to find them.

What makes the difference between these portraits and a simple snapshot is where the professional photographer’s skill comes into play. A combination of posing and lighting will be used to bring the photograph to life. The photographer will place elements in the photograph to bring it to life.

The pose may be as simple as a basic placement of the people within the environment. Then allowing them to interact as to remove the “posed” looked from the shot. Props will often be carefully placed to fill out the scene and bring the story of the photograph together.

How a spoon is rotated on a table may not seem very important, but it is these small details that bring the photograph to life and make it much more than a family snapshot. Clients often wonder why I move something just a tiny bit, the end result is where it all that attention to detail is worth the effort.

Lifestyle portraits work especially well with children, as the locations are more comfortable for them. Children in a studio often react to the studio and become stiff. Their personality becomes hidden. But place them in their comfort zone and they can easily let themselves come through, resulting in a photograph that will be treasured by the parents.

Whereas shooting on location to create these wonderful photographs is more difficult for the photographer, the end results are well worth the extra effort.

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