Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Giving Back - Portraits for those in need

It is the time of year when so many enjoy so much, but there are those who struggle to even put food on the table. For those families a professional photograph is something they can never even consider. So I am reaching out to photographers to find charities and services in your area that help the needy.

Work with them to set-up a free portrait session for these families and give them a gift that will be able to treasure. I’ve done this in the past and the families are so very happy to get the photographs. A print package can be created that will not be too expensive for you to create.

In the past I have approached local labs and have gotten them to help with the actual printing costs for some of these charities.

Another option is to give discounts to your clients for bringing in donations for a local food bank. Your clients will tend to be very generous. With the need be even higher than usual this year, every little bit that people can do will help.

There are plenty of other ways you can use your photography business to help others. Be creative and find a way to do something extra this year for someone who needs a little extra.

We are all very lucky to have this amazing career as photographers. In today’s economy more and more people are facing very grim futures. So be sure to find a way to give to others through any way you can.

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