Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fine Art Nude Photography Vs Boudoir

Fine art nude photography is very different from glamour and boudoir photography, yet often clients like to add some photographs of this style to their shoots. They often feel that the fine art images can be displayed about for all to see, whereas they may find the boudoir images a bit too personal for such a public showing.

Boudoir and glamour photography is about making photographs to show beauty and reflect a sensual and sexy attitude. The pose, lighting and expressions are all designed to make the woman look stunning and glamorous. The photographer works to create an emotional response of desire in the viewer.

Fine art nude photographs are about showing the natural beauty of the human form. The shapes and textures of body are photographed. The expressions are typically serene; eye contact with the camera is less common. Poses are often less inviting than boudoir.

Sometimes the photographs are abstract in nature. The photographer limits the frame to a small portion of the body leaving the mind to ponder exactly what is shown. It is more about the shapes and lines than the actual body.

A common style of fine art nudes are bodyscapes. Lighting is used to create strong shadows and highlights, bringing the edge or shapes into the image. Clients find these images especially appealing as you can’t usually tell who the image is.

Fine art nude photography is still heavily black and white. Boudoir is more often photographed in color. Both disciplines do cross over, so take this generalization with a grain of salt. I personally tend to do my fine art in black and white.

Adding fine art photography to my offerings has given my clients another option for adding to their photography options during their sessions.

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