Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Boudoir and Fashion - Sex Sells

Boudoir and Glamour Photographers can often look towards fashion to create beautiful and sexy photographs. Men's magazines are not the only place to find inspiration. As we all know, sex sells, and that exactly why you can find so many ideas for boudoir photography in fashion magazines. A fashion ad will often be very sexy, but never push into the realm of men's magazine look.

And don't only look at lingerie ads. Sure Victoria’s Secret is full of sexy shots, but that is does not make it the only source. Almost everything in fashion is sold with sex at sometime. Take this example photo. It could be used to sell sunglasses. It also makes a great boudoir photo for clients who want something a little different than the typical glamour shot.

Perfume, make-up, hair products are all great places to look for inspiration. It's not about cloning these ads, but developing a new way to shoot sexy boudoir photographs. The photographer should note how lights are used to set moods, hands are positioned and how the body is concealed and revealed at the same time. Train yourself to see the glamour in these ads. Think about how to apply this style to your boudoir shots.

If you want to continue to shoot the same old boudoir and glamour photographs, keep looking at men’s magazines, but if you really want to take your work to the next level take a look at the latest in fashion.

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