Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bridal Boudoir Photography

Often a Bride wonders what would be a romantic gift she could give to her future husband that would say just how much she loves him. Bridal boudoir and glamour photography is one of the latest trends.

The bridal boudoir photography trend is a very popular wedding day gift for the groom from his future bride. The photos typically themed towards the wedding, using white lace and white lingerie, the veil and even sometimes the wedding dress. It’s all about looking sexy while still remaining demure. In other words, it’s what you don’t show that makes that shot sexy.

Now you may actually be nude for some of the photographs if you are comfortable, but the photographs will not flaunt your body. Instead you will be tastefully posed to create the magically sexy look that will drive him wild. A good boudoir photographer will make sure that in the final photographs that you only show what you want and nothing more.

Ideally you should schedule your shoot about 6 weeks prior to your wedding. This will allow you plenty of time to go through your proofs and have the gift created. Most brides at my studio choose one of the “Our Little Secret” books. These take time to retouch and print, but the end result is a gift he will treasure.

Is retouching boudoir photographs important? While good lighting and posing are key to a great boudoir or glamour photograph, retouching takes it to the next level. The beauty and glamour you see in magazines is retouched, and you want your photographs to look just as good. And they will when you use professional who provides quality retouching. A talented retouch artist will remove the minor flaws, tweak you here or there and create a look that doesn’t look plastic, but does look amazing. Models don’t have flawless skin, but they do in the magazines. You too can have that look. I always discuss retouching with my client to provide just the amount they want.

Where should I have my bridal boudoir photographed? The studio, your home or better yet – a first class hotel suite. Each has its benefits. Discuss with your photographer which location will fit the look you want to create. A professional boudoir photographer knows how to take advantage of any location to create beautiful images.

Who should I use for my bridal boudoir and glamour pictures? Choose a photographer with lots of experience shooting boudoir. Creating that sexy look is very different from creating a beautiful bridal portrait. The relationship between the photographer and the bride are on another level. I recommend not using your wedding photographer. I personally will not shoot the wedding of a bride that I shoot boudoir photographs. It allows the special connection needed for great boudoir to be established. Weddings require a another type of relationship to get the best photographs.

So brides, put a smile on your future husbands face. Give him a gift that shows him how you are his fantasy girl – because you really are the girl of his dreams. Book your bridal and boudoir session today.

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