Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why Boudoir and Glamour Photography?

Sensual and sexy is how people think of the boudoir style of photography. Others refer to it as glamour photography, where the photographer’s goal is to make the model look better than their best. It is not about having the perfect body, the most beautiful face, or being tall, thin and gorgeous. What a boudoir photographer does is brings out the glamour that is in every women.

So why doesn’t every one get some boudoir photos done? Most women want to feel attractive and sexy, even if they don’t admit it. Sometimes they are shy, some just don’t feel confident. But more and more are realizing that a skilled photographer will be able to create the beautiful photographs that they want. And as others tell their friends, and they see how amazing real women do look when they have their boudoir photo shoot, they too realized that they should do it.

Boudoir photography is not about being cheap or sleazy. It is not about making images that you might find in the adult entertainment industry. It is about glamour and fantasy. It’s about bringing out that special beauty a women usually reserves for her lover in a series of photographs. The photographer captures what her lover has always seen in their heart.

Who goes to a boudoir photographer? You’d be surprised. All types of women, normal women - girlfriends, wives, mothers and even grandmothers. Usually they go for a specific reason such as a gift or to remember a major life event. But sometimes they go just to see what all the fuss is about.

One of the most common groups that get boudoir and glamour photographs made are women who have just had cosmetic surgery. What a great way to show off those changes. The surgical changes they have done often give that extra little bit of confidence needed to feel comfortable going to a boudoir photographer.

A successful diet is another occasion that is often celebrated with some boudoir photographs. After the long hard work it has taken to make those changes in weight, boudoir and glamour photographs make the perfect reward. It is a chance to show their new bodies and document their success in a very sexy way.

A great sexy gift is boudoir photography. Women give their lovers the photographs as a way to do something romantic and often unexpected. Very often it puts a little more spark into the relationship when it is unexpected. Sometimes the lover will give the session to the women to show them they believe they are sexy and beautiful.

Brides love the idea of giving a selection of boudoir photos to their future husband as a wedding gift. And grooms love to get them. They know their brides are beautiful and sexy women. When we know we are shooting a bridal boudoir shoot we often will have the bride bring her dress and/or veil to really bring the theme into the shoot.

Pregnancy is another event that is celebrated with boudoir photography. Sometimes a woman finds you is pregnant and wants to capture her look before she becomes a mother. Others are waiting until much further in the pregnancy and highlighting the beauty that pregnancy brings to a woman.

Major birthdays are also celebrated with boudoir photo sessions. 30th, 40th and yes 50th birthday are all occasions to reward yourself with some glamorous photographs. There is a special sexiness that comes with each of these milestones. Your photographer knows just how to capture the beauty of any age.

So get out there and find a boudoir and glamour photographer and see just how beautiful you really are.

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